Services for Recruitment

Agility is essential in 21st-century business. The adaptable partnership model of HamdanLabs enables us to quickly respond to your specific needs, whether they are for supporting short-term or seasonal contract requirements, providing talent under a contract-to-hire arrangement for project-based support with the option of hiring the contractors as permanent employees, or locating the top permanent talent your business requires right away. We have developed a special understanding of how we can assist by carefully considering the business needs of our clients.

Resourcing FOR IT/ITES

We aim to be known for offering a top service with integrity and the highest level of customer satisfaction through relationships with clients and staff. We assist businesses in locating the ideal employees and staff members who are focused on the company's goals for a certain project timeframe, either on the HamdanLabs or Client payroll.

Process of Outsourcing a Contract

We handle particular recruitment services for our clients as part of contract process outsourcing. For every specific business process that has been delegated to us, we make sure that all paperwork and compliance procedures are in place. The placement of qualified people for a predetermined time is ensured by connections to internal and external business stakeholders.


Our campus to corporate programme trains participants in the required skills so they can serve as competent, deployable resources for our companies. All hire applicants are campus-based, and our technology professionals train them. The client is subsequently given access to the qualified resources.

Workforce Solutions

We aim to be known for offering a top service with integrity and the highest level of customer satisfaction through relationships with clients and staff. We offer staffing services on a contract and a permanent basis.

Advanced Human Services

A significant accomplishment in and of itself is developing a new meaning. Human Curation is a method that uses the human hand to provide a large array of knowledge and direction while also becoming accustomed to the organisation of certain discoveries. It is the process of human aggregation and curation strategies putting up the aspect of better information systems, to elaborate on this sort of human curation. This word has become more popular than anything else in the field of content marketing, and any top-tier firm must have access to such a domain. DVG Tech Solutions has made strides in developing innovative techniques for on-time delivery of the items with human intelligence as its core. The field of human curation is now making great gains, and numerous innovative methods are being considered to accomplish the objectives. DVG Tech Solutions has established a reputation in this industry over time. Meet us as a capability for intelligence and creativity to anticipate one such service. We provide the proper source of candidates from various marketplaces to develop a technology solution that is specifically tailored to your needs. Contracting out a process Hire-Train-Deploy Human Resources Services Managed Services for IT Staffing Technology Services for IT.