Services for Testing

Giving customers the best possible experience through quality assurance and testing Testing and quality assurance (QA) are crucial functions in the transformation of a business as digital transformation takes centre stage and prioritises addressing the needs of the customer first. Both business and IT are feeling the pressure to market quickly. Test innovation is enabled by Hamdan Labs, a trusted partner and a pioneer in QA & testing thought leadership globally. Our testing services are demonstrated to produce quantifiable enhancements in quality, accelerated time-to-market, cost savings, and more effective IT operating procedures — assisting organisations in transforming their quality.

The focus of quality assurance (QA) and testing has changed from merely identifying and preventing software flaws to defending the brand and playing a key role in overall company strategy.

You need solutions like automation, adoption of agile, DevOps, and cloud methods to improve time-to-market and optimise cost of diverse services as demands and expectations for greater efficiency and better user experience grow.

Clients of Hamdan Labs Testing Services gain from

  1. A 30% reduction in the overall cost of testing
  2. More than 98% of high-severity flaws were avoided, raising quality levels.
  3. At least 15% less time was needed to reach market.Technical and commercial hazards have been greatly reduced.

Technical and commercial hazards have been greatly reduced.

Application Evaluation

According to the most recent World Quality Report, testing and quality assurance are now receiving a larger share of the IT budget. A faster time to market for high-quality products is necessary in the fast-paced, digital world of today. With the help of our application testing, you can improve the quality of your apps while cutting expenses, shortening the development process, and increasing your return on investment (ROI) from QA & Testing.

Transform Your Testing to Always Ensure the Best Quality

In its end-to-end, fully tailored solution, Hamdan Labs assumes the duty of application testing at the organisational or programmatic level. We offer a shared risk model to companies looking to transform their testing function in order to achieve high quality at an affordable price without incurring excessive administrative costs, losing control over daily operations, etc.

Appropriate Application Testing for Every Need

For a single application or your entire IT system, Hamdan Labs offers embedded or independent testing. The four pillars of our testing services are the lifecycle model, organisation, infrastructure, and techniques.

The usage of industry standard testing methods ensures the predictability of application performance. This highly automated solution combines your in-house skills with our specialist testing experience.

By using a risk-based testing approach, we can:

  1. Reduce costs by leveraging economies of scale and skilled low-cost resources
  2. Increase time-to-market by adhering to a structured testing process and acquiring specialist testing skills
  3. Implement better quality and development timeframes through reusable test cases and automation expertise
  4. Provide a single point of responsibility for testing and governance of changes made by others.

Test Management Services

Quality assurance and testing are becoming more important as customers demand personalised content and a smooth user experience across all media. Many firms, however, find it difficult to set up a testing department that can provide high quality work while being inexpensive and flexible. The Managed Testing Services from Hamdan Labs Group offer a transformative strategy together with the proper test organisation, processes, and environment tailored to the business. We can assist you in overcoming the main testing difficulties of today and getting the best results

The key elements of our service are:

  1. A structured testing service with our world-class testing methodology
  2. Business-driven Test Management
  3. Our global delivery model combining testing professionals in onshore, near shore, and offshore locations that is flexible to scale up or down depending on business
  4. Core client team with deep technological know-how and sector-specific expertise
  5. Test Centers of Excellence established to cover specialist testing skills.

Managed Testing Services provide the following notable advantages to the company:

  1. Significantly lower overall testing costs: balanced sourcing can result in savings of up to 30%
  2. Measurable quality improvements: at least 15% faster time to market and demonstrated prevention of at least 98% of high-severity faults
  3. Transferring skills: integrating capabilities into your business and guaranteeing quality in a variety of supplier situations

These Are the Key Elements of Our Service:

  1. A structured testing service utilising our superior testing techniques
  2. Business-driven testing administration
  3. Our flexible global delivery strategy that combines testing experts in onshore, nearshore, and offshore sites according to business needs.
  4. Establishment of Test Centers of Excellence to cover specialised testing skills;
  5. Core client team with deep technology experience and sector-specific knowledge (Mobile Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing and many more..)
  6. KPIs that are closely related to business goals
  7. Significantly lower overall

Clients of Hamdan Labs Testing Services Gain From:

  1. A 30% reduction in the overall cost of testing
  2. More than 98% of high-severity flaws were avoided, raising quality levels.
  3. At least 15% less time was needed to reach market

Technical and commercial hazards have been greatly reduced.